How to Maintain Curly Weaves

Curly weaves are a very deceptive lot, right. They are so eye-catching, the minute you set your eyes on them, you know you have no choice but to get them. But just a few days after installation and you’re left wondering “what the heck went on here?” The truth is, when it comes to curly […]

How to Take Care of Your Kinky Weaves

Weaves come in different textures, and the most popular ones include Brazilian, Indian, Peruvian, and Cambodian hair, among others. However, kinky weaves are rising to prominence now because they closely mimic the black woman’s natural, kinky weave.  With kinky weaves, you look like you’re rocking your natural hair. And being that the aim is for […]

Hair Grading Explained — What Does 7A, 8A, 9A, 10A Hair Mean?

You’ve definitely come across a peculiar, alphanumeric code when trying to buy your weaves either at our store or elsewhere. Today, we want to help crack that code and that’s why our conversation today will be centered around hair grading. When buying weaves, you often see “grade 9A” or “grade 10A,” but what do these […]

Weave Closure Types

We’ve looked at weave closures and frontals before now, but we only did an overview on closures and frontals. Today, we take a deeper dive into weave closures. Our article will be explaining the different types of weave closures there are. This should help inform your decision on the best weave closure to suit your […]

How to Keep Your Weave From Tangling (And How to Revive It If It’s Already Tangled)

Weaves are quite pricey and you don’t need anyone to remind you that, right? So, it becomes quite depressing when they begin to tangle barely a few weeks after you buy them. Everybody says not to get your weaves tangled but they aren’t exactly telling you how to keep your weave from tangling. There are […]

How to Dye Human Hair Wigs

When it comes to dyeing wigs, your only option is to dye a human hair wig. Synthetic wigs are a non-idea in fact, because dyeing synthetic hair always ends up badly. Human hair, on the other hand, can be dyed, styled, and restyled just like your natural human hair. So, if you’ve always wondered how […]

How to Buy a 360 Lace Frontal

Frontals are very popular these days and one of the most common types is the 360 lace frontal. 360 lace frontals are like lace headbands that cover your entire hairline from front to back just like the name, 360, suggests. With a 360 lace frontal, it’s easier for you to pull your hair into an […]

How To Bleach Knots on a Lace Wig

If you want to achieve a most realistic-looking hairline, you usually use a closure or a frontal. But it’s one thing to use a closure and a frontal and it’s quite another to ensure that it matches your scalp. Because even if you get a lace closure or lace frontal, if it doesn’t match your […]

Full Lace Wigs Versus Lace Front Wigs — Which One To Go For

We’ve been talking about wigs a lot on this blog and there’s plenty to catch up on if you’re not up-to-date with your wig education. We’ve discussed how to buy a wig that looks real. We’ve also talked about why you should get a lace front wig. You can catch both of them here and […]

Should I Get A Transparent Lace Front Wig?

Transparent lace front wigs have many benefits. So, it’s no wonder they are very popular in the market. With transparent lace front wigs, you can cover up thinning or balding spots on your hair to boost your confidence. Plus, transparent lace front wigs give you many different ways to create unique and attractive styles on […]